Account and Profile Settings

  • How do I reset a lost or forgotten password?

    (1) On the "Sign-In" page, you select the "Forgot Password" link as shown below

    (2) You enter the email your account was created with.

    (3) A secure link would then be sent to your email to reset your password


  • Can I switch between the different users on the app?

    Any of the 3 Users (Washee, Washer and Courier) can switch to another user type within the app. 

    This can be done from the "More" section (shown in the image below). On the "More" section, select "Profile", then "switch accounts" and press the "next" button.

    Note: If a Washer switches to a Courier they will be required to provide more information to be approved.

  • How do Ii change my username/email/Phone Number?

    As shown below, in the mobile app select "More" > "Profile" > "Profile Details", make the desired changes to your username/email and press the "next" button.