Carrying out Orders

  • What are the washing procedures?

    We have a set of recommended steps to take when washing especially for beginners. Follow this link to view more.


    Washee might have special requirements which is added as a note in the Order summary. It is important to contact Washee directly via the chat feature if there are any concerns.

  • What should I consider when meeting Washee/Courier to receive or return laundry items?

    Here are a few recommendations when receiving or returning laundry items:

    -Message Washee/Courier if there are any concerns

    -If you are picking up an order, you are required to have hanging scales to measure the weight of “lot” items. (“Lot” items are laundry items priced together as a bulk)

    -Count the Laundry items upon receiving and returning them





  • How to contact Washee/Courier

    You are easily able to contact Washee/Courier through the in-app messaging feature.


    You select the “inbox” on the bottom Nav as shown below and then the concerned message.

  • How long do I have to complete an order?

    This depends on the delivery speed and pre-agreed “Collection and Return” time set by the Washee.


    An “express” delivery speed expects a turnaround of 24 hours while “normal” delivery speed could be 48 hours or longer.


    The laundry service required is expected to be completed before the return time.