• Can I see my previous orders?

    You can view your previous orders by doing the following steps (shown in the image below):

    (1) Go to the "more" section 

    (2) Click "order history"

    (3) You can toggle between your "completed" and "deleted" Orders

    (4) Select the order you want to view

  • Is there a set limit of how many orders I have to take in a day?

    We are able to provide you as much work as you can handle. This will depend on different factors such as your selected mode of transportation and the number of your current active orders.

    Wash@Home is completely flexible to your needs — you can choose exactly when you want to work and how many orders you take in a day (within reason). The power is in your hands.

  • Are there any set requirements for becoming a Courier?

    To be a Courier you require the following:


    (1) Proof of employment authorization in the US.

    (2) Smartphone - Iphone (iOS 10 and above) or Android (5 and Above).

    (3) Mode of transportation e.g Bicycle, Bike, Car.

    (4) Be 18 years old or over with no criminal convictions.

  • How does taking a break as a “Courier” work?

    Every Courier can take breaks whenever and however they want. 


    If you want to take a break from receiving new orders you can toggle off the "availability" button on the home screen (shown in the image below).

    It is important to note that active orders would still need to be fulfilled by the Washer.


  • Is there a specific time slot I have to fulfil orders with?

    Orders are picked up and returned to the Washee between 7:00am and 11:00pm. You can choose early morning or late evening orders – how you work is entirely up to you

  • What is the order cancellation policy?

    Couriers are given a grace period which allows them to cancel their order 3 hours before the Washee’s laundry items are scheduled for pick-up. 

    Unfortunately, once the grace period has passed orders cannot be cancelled. See more on our terms of service.

  • How far do you operate?

    Depending on your mode of transportation, we aim to assign orders that are closest to you (about 5 miles). 


    You also have the ability to set the maximum distance you are willing to travel (shown below). You do so by selecting "More" > "Settings" > "Pickup & Return", then picking your maximum distance.

  • What if Washee/Washer cancels on me?

    Washees and Washers are given the same grace period cancelling their order 3 hours before pick-up. 


    If the Washee cancels during this grace period, you would be assigned another order. 


    If the Washer cancels during the grace period, they would be replaced by another Washer.

  • How do I accept Pending Orders?

    When you receive new orders they appear on the “Pending Orders” Home screen page. You have to view that order before you can accept the order (as shown below)


    If orders are not accepted in time, they expire and are assigned to another Courier.