Getting Started

  • How does Wash@Home work?

    Wash@Home is an online marketplace where users can get their laundry done or earn money by doing laundry for others. 

    There are three types of users on the Wash@Home app: 

    (1) Washee: User who needs to have their laundry done.

    (2) Washer: User who does the Washee's laundry.

    (3) Courier: User who delivers laundry


  • How do I create a Wash@Home account?

    (1) Download Wash@Home app from Apple or Google Play store.


    (2) Load the app on your phone


    (3) On the Sign-up screen (shown below), enter the required information and click the “Sign up” button to create your account.



  • How can I download the Wash@Home app?

    The Wash@Home app is available on both the Apple and Google Play stores.

  • How does the referral promo code work?

    You earn extra Wash@Home credit by inviting your friends to sign up and order using your personal invitation code. 

    When one of your friends signs up and makes an order for the first time you get a 20% commission from that order.

    You can refer a friend (or friends) in the “More” section of the Wash@Home app by tapping “Share with friends” as shown below.